Biking the Portland Waterfront

This week we head out for a beautiful bike ride around the Portland Waterfront!  With the completion of the Tilikum Crossing bridge in 2015, it is possible to ride around the entire waterfront on bike friendly paths.  The total length of the trip is 4.4 miles, or for a longer ride, you can do the 11 mile loop by starting from the Sellwood Riverfront Park (described below).  Hope you enjoy!

At just over 20 minutes, I know that this video is long.  I tried to speed things up as much as possible (150%) while still having a watchable video.  I thought about running the whole thing through Hyperlapse like some of my other videos, but with Ethan riding in front, his movements became the focal point.  With that said, while the length pains me, I am going to leave it as is…


For an optional longer bike ride along the Willamette River, cross the Sellwood bridge and follow the signs to Oaks Amusement Park.  Directly after making a right onto SE Oaks Park Way, turn left into the parking lot of the Sellwood Riverfront Park.  From there, you can bike up to the Springwater bike trail, which is a pedestrian only path going 3.3 miles up to Portland for the start of the Portland waterfront loop.  The total ride length from the Sellwood Riverfront Park is 11 miles.


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2 Comments on “Biking the Portland Waterfront

  1. That is an amazing waterfront ride! Such nice visuals, and of course, a great view of the boys in action! Thanks!



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