Columbia River Maritime Museum

This week, we take you to explore the activities found at the Columbia River Maritime Museum.  The museum houses a large number of exhibits featuring a 3D theatre, historical ships, the history of ships and fishing on the Columbia River, stories of storms, shipwrecks, the Coast Guard, and bar pilots on the Columbia River Bar.  The museum also has several interactive exhibits with historical boats, a ships bridge, life suits, rescue rafts and boarding the Lightship Columbia docked right next door.  We hope you enjoy our preview of what the museum has to offer!

Our Video


  • Movie Theatre
  • Gift Shop
  • Full-sized Ships inside the Museum
  • Exhibits about the maritime history along the Columbia River – fishing, whaling, the Coast Guard, the Columbia River bar, the shipwrecks and more.
  • Lighthouse Columbia – tour a floating lighthouse that was stationed at the mouth of the Columbia River.
  • Interactive kids exhibits

Our Tips for Visiting

  • Plan on spending a half day here – visiting either after breakfast or after lunch.  There are no food offerings here, so pack a few snacks and plan to head out as people start to get hungry.
  • If you are looking for a nautical themed gift, the gift shop has a great selection of items normally not found elsewhere.


More information about the Columbia River Maritime Museum can be found at

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2 Comments on “Columbia River Maritime Museum

  1. This was great! This was one of my favorite museums but they have added many displays, videos and experiences! I remember getting a book on the coastal shipwrecks that I have not read in a long time. Thanks! It was great to revisit the museum with your family. Love, Mom



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