Astoria Riverwalk Hyperlapse

This week, we take you on a 4.8 mile Hyperlapse bike ride of the beautiful, but surprisingly hazardous Astoria Riverwalk.

Our Video


I am always on the lookout for a good scenic dedicated bike path.  With the boys, it’s always good to have a path safe from cars or other readily hazards.  On a previous visit to Astoria, I remember noticing the Riverwalk path and added it to my list of future rides.  I looked up the path on Google maps for bike paths and was pleasantly surprised by the 4.8 mile path.  What I failed to realize beforehand was the pitfalls of the trail for bikes – regular railroad crossings and frequent vertically spaced boards – the gaps between being the perfect size for skinny bike tires to fall into.  My idea of a beautiful scenic ride soon turned into an intense effort to avoid wood gaps and railroad crossings.  Would I bike it again?  Probably not.  Or at least not with the kids.  But its namesake – a river WALK – that I might consider with more enthusiasm.


While we started at the west most end down next to the piers, it was not very scenic, so I cut it out of the video.  There is a small parking lot down on the west end, but it looks infrequently used and looks like an easy target for a car break in.  Down the road there is parking for the marina at a steep cost of $10 a day.


Before the ride, we stopped of at NW Wild Products located right next to the marina.  The view were amazing, the food was incredible and the freshness can’t be beat.  We highly recommend stopping by if you get a chance.

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