USS Blueback Submarine Tour

This week, we take you to explore the submarine USS Blueback, docked next to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry in Portland, Oregon.  This Barbal-class diesel electric submarine was first launched as SS-581 in 1959 and was in service until decommissioning in 1990.  In 1994 the submarine was docked alongside of OMSI and has been available for tours since.


Our Video



There are several tours per day and tickets can be purchased at the OMSI ticket counters.  At your tour time, you will be asked to demonstrate your nimbleness climbing through a replica watertight door.  After that, you will head down to the docks for your tour to begin.

The actual tour takes an hour and a half, so there is a lot more than what was shown in this video.  There is also a technical tour for those interested in learning about the technical workings of the Blueback – or you can even arrange to spend the night on the sub -sleeping in the bunks and eating in the crew’s mess.


More information about touring the USS Blueback,  visit

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2 Comments on “USS Blueback Submarine Tour

  1. This was my first complete sub tour! Women were only allowed in the officer’s mess when Dad was Aboard. What fun! I enjoyed watching this with Dad. By the way, when they had to share bunks among The crew in the torpedo room it was called hot bunking. Love, mom



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