Portlander’s Guide to the Portland Children’s Museum

This week we take you on a guided tour of the Portland Children’s Museum to explore its activities, see the new outdoor area and help you plan your visit.

Our Video

Our Tips for Visiting

  • All of the parking spots at Washington Park are Pay to Park – with fees ranging from $4-$6.40 per day depending on the season.  You pay our parking at the machines located throughout the parking lot – just remember your parking spot number before heading over to pay.
  • We prefer to park in the smaller parking lot to the South of the museum because it is easier to get in and out of and you don’t have to cross the street to get into the museum.
  • We normally arrive shortly after the museum opens to avoid the crowds and head over the the exhibit area first, so our boys can have first pick of the activities.  As people start to arrive, we move through the museum just ahead of the wave so that we see all of the sights without the busyness.
  • Because most people going have kids, half-day visits (3 hours or so) seem to be a perfect amount of activity time.  For older kids, you can drop them off in the maker studio to work with nails, glue guns, wood and cardboard and come back a few hours later to find some really nifty, really large creation he had made.
  • The food at the cafe is great, but the seating areas fill up quickly close to meal times.  Arriving early allowed us the option of just leaving before lunchtime and getting something at home or eating out at our leisure.
  • The main restrooms at the front can get busy as well, but there is a second (and nicer) set of restrooms through the doors in the middle of the exhibit hall or down the winding hallway past the clay studio.


For more information about the Portland Children’s Museum, events or camps, visit http://www.portlandcm.org.

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