Fort Stevens Historical Tour

This week, we take you on a tour of the Batteries at Fort Stevens and learn how the enemy targets were found, how the guns were aimed, and the steps taken to fire the guns.  We also walk through the batteries to learn their history and some of the stories of the men that served here.

Our Video

For more information about Fort Stevens, watch our two other videos – the History of Fort Stevens and Stories of Battery Russell.


Much of the information, photos and videos used in this video came from the Costal Defense Study Group.  They have information about forts all over the country, how they worked and declassified historical documentation.  Very interesting stuff if you want to take a look:

For more other information on the history of Fort Stevens, visit the sites below:

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One Comment on “Fort Stevens Historical Tour

  1. This was fascinating, Joel. I had no idea the defensive site was so large! The video was very well done, too. It’s time people knew what was in their backyard and you are telling them! Thank you. Love, Mom



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