Stories of Battery Russell

Battery Russell has an amazing history – the site of the only attack of a mainland military installation since the War of 1812.  Today we take a look at the construction, history, battle, and aftermath as we bring you the Stories of Battery Russell.

Our Video

When we first visited Battery Russell, I left with more questions about the site than answers.  What was this building?  What was this room used for?  What are the stories that happened here?  Walking through the empty rooms, I made it my goal to answer my own questions about the site – and share it with others.  This past month we have been focusing on Fort Stevens: the History of Fort Stevens (one of our most popular videos) and Fort Stevens Historical Tour where we walk through the Fort and discuss how it functioned.  We hope you enjoyed and learned about this amazing location – I know I did!


For more information about the attack near Battery Russell – the first attack against a mainland military installation since 1812, see the links below:

Much of the information, photos and videos used in this video came from the Costal Defense Study Group.  They have information about forts all over the country, how they worked and declassified historical documentation.

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2 Comments on “Stories of Battery Russell

  1. My brother and I are Lower Columbia Paranormal Investigating Team ( We were investigating Battery Russell a few years back and caught an EVP of the woman saying “yes”. I can send you the attachment if you can direct me.


    • That is really cool! I would love to hear what it sounded like. When I was making the video, I could find stories, but no footage or audio. YouTube makes it tough to edit a video once it is up, but I could include a link on my blog post if you want to share the audio. You are welcome to send it to


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