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Monthly Archives: January 2017

This week, we bring you the Portlander’s Guide to the Oregon Zoo – where we talk about how to get there, what there is to see and do, what the food options are and discuss the animal and construction changes – all to help you plan your own visit to the Zoo!

This week, go on a bike ride on the trails between Fort Stevens and the campgrounds, and fall in love with its trails (pun intended).

So that announcement we talked about in last weeks video? You may have noticed that this past week our name and logo have been changed, and we also have this nifty new intro scene. But why change the name and why now? Our video explains it all…

Three boys, three days, and our stories of heading out to the North Oregon Coast to film our first series of videos for Divergent Explorers. Come along with us as we go behind the scenes to see how we made our videos and the lessons we learned!