Divergent Kids Name Change Announcement

So that announcement we talked about in last weeks video?  You may have noticed that this past week our name and logo have been changed, and we also have this nifty new intro scene.  But why change the name and why now?  Our video explains it all…

When we set out, we knew that we wanted to make travel videos and that the kids would always be apart of them.  It seemed to reason to center the channel around the kids experiences of their travels and from their points of view; heirgo the Divergent Kids name.

As we have gone along though, there have been a few realizations.  First, putting a camera on a kid is the same as putting one on a rodeo bull, and I have spent hours trying to get adequate footage from my running, playing and active boys cameras.  Second, there is only so much that people can watch kids running around, playing, arguing and laughing at each other.  Third, I have always had a long term vision for this channel – and three or four years from now, our boys won’t be kids anymore.  Fourth and most importantly, the videos I am most interested in making, and the ones people are most interested in watching, focus on the places we go to – what it is like, its story, and tips for going there yourself.

And it is for all of those reasons and more, that we are changing our name to Divergent Kids to Divergent Explorers.  We want people to come explore fun activities and locations from Oregon to around the World with us.  So what’s going to be different?  Just the name.  The videos will still have the boys and I in them, the style and feel will be the same, and our focus will be on brining you entertaining videos about fun activities and locations to visit.

Which brings us to our next video: our introduction video where we discuss the goals of our channel and where we hope to go with it (literally!).

Thanks for coming along with us and we look forward to exploring with you!

If you are interested in coming along with us on all of our travels, you can join us on FacebookYouTubeInstagramWordPress or via e-mail.  Thanks for exploring with us!

© Divergent Life Media, LLC

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