Portlander’s Guide to the Oregon Zoo

This week, we bring you the Portlander’s Guide to the Oregon Zoo – where we talk about how to get there, what there is to see and do, what the food options are and discuss the animal and construction changes – all to help you plan your own visit to the Zoo!

Our Video

For more information about the animals living at the Zoo, please watch our video: Oregon Zoo Animal Tour!


Here are a list of links that can help you plan your visit to the zoo:

  • Today at the Zoo (includes the free daily animal activities or Wildlife Live performances during the summer)
  • Kids Camps
  • Behind the Scenes Tours
  • A New Zoo – information about the changes taking place!
  • Oregon Zoo – Comprehensive Capital Master Plan – If you are super interested in what is happening at the zoo, this PDF is for you.  It details the changes in store for the animals and habitats and you get to learn a fair amount.  Hippos are on their way out to make room for a larger black rhino habitat, the chimpanzees and mandrills will have an expansive new area of their own, and the sunbears and amur cats won’t be left out  with their own flexible habitats in the new African savannah habitat.

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