2016 Portland Bridge Pedal

Every year Portland shuts down all of the major road, bridges and highways for one of the largest community bike rides in the world, with 18,000 people participating.  This week, we take you on the 13 mile, six bridge ride of the 2016 Providence Bridge Pedal with two videos – one showing the sights and action of the ride and the other showing a 20x time lapse of the entire route.  Enjoy!

Our Video

We also made a 20x Hyperlapse Video, so people could see the whole route:

About the Bridge Pedal

The Portland Bridge Pedal started in 1996, when 7,500 people joined a bike ride over two of Portland’s bridges.  Today, over 18,000 people participate in one of the largest community bike rides in the world.  The ride shuts down almost all of the major crossings in Portland (including I5), much to the dismay of travelers and businesses.  There are five different routes offered ranging from 3 miles to 37, the most popular being the 13 mile six bridge ride (the one featured in the video).  The cost for the six bridge ride is $30 per adult and pricing is per bike, so tandem bikes or bikes with trailers count as one.  For more information, visit the event website at http://www.providence.org/bridge-pedal.  Thank you to the staff and volunteers that help make this event a success!

About the Video

The video was shot using three GoPro Hero 4 Silver cameras.  One was mounted to the handlebar and the side/rear facing cameras were mounted to the trailer bar.  The front camera footage was stabilized using Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro for longer cuts and the footage was edited in Final Cut Pro X.

About the Bike Trailer

The bike trailer is one of the Original WeeHoo’s – back when they had heavy frames and only one model.  Today they are much lighter and offer a range of trailers.  We purchased ours at REI and you can find more information at https://rideweehoo.com.



More information about the Providence Bridge Pedal  can be found at their website: http://www.providence.org/bridge-pedal.

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One Comment on “2016 Portland Bridge Pedal

  1. What an amazing opportunity!  Such a neat city to do that. Good you are all in shape!

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